Why was the assessment undertaken?

Historic (European) Heritage values can be impacted as a result of the siting of wind turbines and associated infrastructure.

An Historic (European) Heritage Assessment (HHA) conducted in association with an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment (ACHA) (contained at Appendix G.6 of the Modification Application Report) was prepared by NGH Pty Ltd to assess the modification of the wind farm development footprint and addition of the external road upgrades development footprint. The HHA assessed the change in potential impacts on Historic Heritage from the Approved Project to the Modified Project.

What was the approach?

The assessment involved a registered search to identify known heritage items within the vicinity of the modified Development Corridor, review of historic land use and field surveys to identify any potential historic items and/or archaeological deposits. These field surveys included approximately 101 ha more than the originally surveyed area.

No Conditions of the Development Consent relate specifically to matters to do with historic heritage.

What did we find and how does it compare to the approved project?

The HHA found:

  • No historic heritage listings of Commonwealth, National, or NSW State Significance were found within the proposed area for the Modified Development Corridor
  • No current historic heritage listings of local significance within 5km of the Modified Project site will be impacted
  • No potential historic heritage items were identified within the external road upgrades development footprint
  • Eight areas of historic (European) archaeological subsurface potential were identified within the Indicative Development Footprint.

Compared with the Approved Project, the HHA found additional areas with historic archaeological potential. Accordingly, the overall impact on historic heritage is considered to be slightly higher compared with the Approved Project.

What are the proposed mitigation strategies?

The HHA recommended works should avoid the locations of historic archaeological potential and a buffer distance of 20m is to be applied to avoid harm to these areas. Once the final turbine locations are confirmed in accordance with the micro-siting conditions of the Development Consent, ancillary infrastructure can be realigned to avoid direct impacts to these areas, where applicable. If impacts to these areas are unavoidable, the HHA recommends the areas be subject to further investigations in the form of a Statement of Heritage Impact and/or an Archaeological Assessment.

The required mitigation measures for impacts on historic heritage will be detailed in a Heritage Management Plan in accordance with the existing conditions of the Development Consent.

Assessment against Development Consent

The Modified Project can comply with the existing conditions of the Development Consent relating to historic heritage.

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