We are committed to sharing the benefits of the Rye Park Wind Farm with the local community and invite you to share your ideas on how we could contribute to meaningful projects that have positive and lasting benefits for many.

On other projects we have provided sponsorships, education programs and training and employment schemes – but all communities are different, so we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. This is in addition to the already committed Community Enhancement Fund and Neighbour Agreement program.

Community Enhancement Fund

Tilt Renewables has an agreement with local councils to provide $2500 per constructed turbine per year to a community fund. The proposed modification will reduce the number of turbines at Rye Park Wind Farm, but we don’t want this to reduce financial support for the community – so we are committing to providing community funding for 92 turbines. Funding for any unbuilt turbines could be added to the council administered community fund or directed toward other local initiatives.

Neighbour Agreements

We are currently offering voluntary Neighbour Agreements to some landowners whose property neighbours the wind farm. These agreements provide an opportunity for landowners close to the wind farm to share in the financial benefits of the development.

The agreements are in addition to our other benefit sharing initiatives and are part of our commitment to contribute positively to the broader community.

The neighbour agreements do not prevent people from making a submission on the project, nor do they remove the need for us to comply with conditions of the development consent for the wind farm.

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6 September, 2020

Anonymous says:

“The Boorowa central school is seeking funding to support the newly refurbished STEM lap. This will benefit Boorowa and Rye Park.”

19 June, 2020

Anonymous says:

“Construct a bridge over the Flakeney creek on the Rye Park-Dalton road. The current causeway floods periodically stopping traffic.”

19 June, 2020

Anonymous says:

“Bury the overhead powerlines within the village of Rye Park. or provide the village with it's own stand alone power supply.”

11 June, 2020

Anonymous says:

“Establish a community run shop/cafe in Rye Park.”

4 June, 2020

MHolberton says:

“Support education through funding a scholarship”

4 June, 2020

MHolberton says:

“Contribute to improvements to amenity of local streetscape / road safety ”

4 June, 2020

MHolberton says:

“Build knowledge, understanding and passion around renewable energy within the local and regional community”

4 June, 2020

MHolberton says:

“Provide cost-effective energy supply to local facilities and/or individuals”

4 June, 2020

MHolberton says:

“Support to local clubs and businesses”

4 June, 2020

MHolberton says:

“Contribute to funding a habitat restoration project”

Case studies

Education Scholarship

Tilt Renewables are proud to be working in close partnership with the host landowner of the Salt Creek Wind Farm, Peter Coy, who has established the Salt Creek Charitable Trust.

The Trust provides for the Salt Creek Scholarship which will be awarded to one student from Victoria’s Western District each year for the next 25 years and have been developed to assist rural students who might not otherwise be able to access leading higher institutions due to the cost of relocation and accommodation away from home.

The Trust is funded by the host landowner’s contribution of $15,000, which is matched dollar for dollar by Tilt Renewables. In February 2019 the first student, Michael Loughhead (pictured), was awarded the Salt Creek Scholarship at an event held at the Salt Creek Wind Farm.

Local Investment – Vestas Renewable Energy Hub

Supplementary to the Dundonnell Wind Farm Benefit Sharing Plan, Tilt Renewables is implementing a Local Industry Development Plan and Local Investment Plan, which provides commitments to support local businesses and furthering regional investment. A key milestone in the implementation of the Local Investment Plan was the announcement of the Vestas Renewable Energy Hub (the Facility).

The Facility assembled hubs and drive trains for the Dundonnell and Berrybank (GPG) Wind Farms, delivering on commitments under VRET Support Agreement and was well received by local media.

This was something the team worked very hard with Vestas on during compilation of our VRET bid and would not have happened without the Dundonnell Wind Farm. Tilt Renewables was the catalyst for driving the thinking around this and making it happen.

Other local content and employment commitments associated with the Dundonnell Wind Farm include sourcing local materials and manufacturing (e.g. sourcing a percentage of the tower sections from Keppel Prince).

Lend a Hand Fund Snowtown

The Snowtown Wind Farm ‘Lend a Hand Foundation’ is a committee that administers a $45,000 per annum community benefit fund. The committee is an independent group that lives and operates in the Snowtown area, and has been in existence since the beginning of the Snowtown Wind Farm, Stage 1.

The Lend a Hand Foundation provides support for local community projects, charities, schools and individuals when they need it most.

Examples of the initiatives have included (but are not limited to):

  • Snowtown Community Bus
  • 350 History Books for Brinkworth History Group
  • Paving for the Mundoora Bowling Club
  • Bute Lions Club Tree planting and painting power poles by the school
  • Blyth Bowling Club Fridge
  • Snowtown Primary School Oval sub surface water project

Other local community support initiatives included the sponsorship of the concrete for the Snowtown skate park, installation of the big blade tourist attraction, local club and community sponsorships, native vegetation planting and cultural heritage initiatives, as well as coordination with the County Fire Service have all enabled Tilt Renewables to gain a genuine understanding of and connection with the local community.

Odonata Sponsorship

Tilt Renewables have a sponsorship arrangement with Odonata, a not-for-profit entity committed to the restoration and rejuvenation of Australian biodiversity.

Odonata have successfully delivered unique biodiversity programs, and together with support from sponsorship partners, like Tilt Renewables, will continue to do so.

Odonata have a successful working relationship with government and are a well-respected organisation in the biodiversity field. The services Odonata provides include:

  • Management of threatened species and programs
  • Incubate businesses
  • Incubate farming properties
  • Support environment and agriculture entrepreneurs
  • Catalyse investment
  • Maximise philanthropic funding
  • Environment education

This sponsorship enables Tilt Renewables to go above and beyond the environmental compliance activities in the attempt to have a net positive environmental impact as a result of the project.

Furthermore, as a renewable energy business, the Proponent supports the Odonata’s endeavours as it aligns with the Proponents philosophy in moving towards a more environmentally sustainable world.